Face of JETSET
On Saturday 15 December 2012 the TOP 13 Finalists took to the stage at Villa Toscana, Monte Casino at a Gala Dinner event hosted by Top Billing's Simba Mhere, to compete for the title of The Face of JetSet 2012!
The girls strutted their stuff in JetSet cocktail dresses, gorgeous heels from Europa Art Shoes, sexy swimwear from Dax Martin and breathtaking evening wear from Jose De Canha! All under the watchful eye of pageant director par none - Wayne Stafford. The judging panel which included the likes of Francesco Mariola of GloCell, SA movie star Ashley Saunders, The Wild actor Ty Keogh and Heat Editor Sonja Raath were given the very tough task of choosing the Face of JetSet 2012.Guests wined and dined as they were entertained by the voices of Isabella and Alexander, moves from Rouge Hip Hop Dance Group and the beats of Chix with Stix.. Face of Jetset was co-sponsored by VALUcode

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